Flycatcher of Vietnam – Muscicapidae

With 73 Flycatchers of Vietnam, occurring on every corner of the country. Flycatcher is a family of the crowdest order so they have many types, sizes, colors, and habitat although they do not have any endemic species. They help our journey get more interesting with their appearance.

You may know: They are including migrants and residents in every corner especially Verditer Flycatcher outstanding for residents throughout the country & Narcissus Flycatcher for migrants on over Vietnam

The overview of Flycatcher families

The Old World Flycatchers are a large family, the Muscicapidae, of small passerine birds restricted to the Old World (Europe, Africa and Asia), with the exception of several vagrants and two species, Bluethroat (Luscinia svecica) and Northern Wheatear (Oenanthe oenanthe), found also in North America. These are mainly small arboreal insectivores, many of which, as the name implies, take their prey on the wing. The family includes 344 species and is divided into 51 genera.

The appearance of these birds is very varied, but they mostly have weak songs and harsh calls. They are small to medium birds, ranging from 9 to 22 cm in length. Many species are dull brown in color, but the plumage of some can be much brighter, especially in the males. Most have broad, flattened bills suited to catching insects in flight, although the few ground-foraging species typically have finer bills.

Old World Flycatchers live in almost every environment with a suitable supply of trees, from dense forest to open scrub, and even the montane woodland of the Himalayas. The more northerly species migrate south in winter, ensuring a continuous diet of insects.

Depending on the species, their nests are either well-constructed cups placed in a tree or cliff ledge or simply lined in a pre-existing tree hole. The hole-nesting species tend to lay larger clutches, with an average of eight eggs, rather than just two to five.

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Flycatchers of Vietnam species note

Flycatchers Of Vietnam

Narcissus Flycatcher Ficedula narcissina

Status: Uncommon Pass Migrants

Best time to watch & Photo: Feb-Apr

Tour cover: Edge Coastline & South

Hotspot: Cat Tien, Bach Ma, Cuc Phuong

121 WANEE asia

Sapphire Flycatcher Ficedula sapphira

Status: Scarce resident

Best time to watch & Photo: Feb-Apr

Tours: Northern Highland Vietnam

Hotspot: Sa Pa – Fansipan Moutain

122 1 WANEE asia

Grey Bushchat Saxicola ferreus

Status: Uncommon resident

Best time to watch & Photo: Feb-Apr

Tours: Highlands

Hotspot: Dalat, Kon Tum, Sa Pa, Cuc Phuong

123 WANEE asia

Chestnut-bellied Rock Thrush Monticola rufiventris

Status: Common resident (throughout)

Best time to watch & Photo: Feb-Apr

Tours: Temperate zone

Hotspot: Sa Pa – Fansipan Moutain

124 WANEE asia

Blue-throated Flycatcher Cyornis rubeculoides

Status: Uncommon resident

Best time to watch & Photo: Feb-Apr

Tours: South of Central

Hotspot: Di Linh, Dalat, Cat Tien, Tan Phu

125 WANEE asia

White-gorgeted Flycatcher Anthipes monileger

Status: Uncommon resident

Best time to watch & Photo: Feb-Apr

Tours: Central & Northern

Hotspot: Bach Ma, Sa Pa – Fansipan

126 WANEE asia

White-rumped Shama Copsychus malabaricus

Status: Fairly common Resident (Throughout)

Best time to watch & Photo: Feb-Apr

Tours: Throughout

Hotspot: Cat Tien, Nui Dinh, Ma Da

127 WANEE asia

White-tailed Flycatcher Cyornis concretus

Status: Local Resident

Best time to watch & Photo: Jun-Aug

Tours: Northern

Hotspot: Xuan Thuy, Sa Pa – Fansipan

128 WANEE asia

Blue-and-white Flycatcher Cyanoptila cyanomelana

Status: Common Pass Migrants

Best time to watch & Photo: Feb-Apr

Tour: Throughout

Hotspot: Cat Tien, Dalat, Tan Phu

List of all Flycatcher in Vietnam

1Gray-streaked FlycatcherEasy
2Dark-sided FlycatcherEasy
3Ferruginous FlycatcherEasy
4Asian Brown FlycatcherEasy
5Brown-breasted FlycatcherEasy
6Brown-streaked FlycatcherEasy
7Oriental Magpie-RobinEasy
8White-rumped ShamaEasy
9White-gorgeted FlycatcherHigh
10Rufous-browed FlycatcherEasy
11White-tailed FlycatcherEasy
12Hainan Blue FlycatcherEasy
13Pale Blue FlycatcherEasy
14Chinese Blue FlycatcherEasy
15Hill Blue FlycatcherEasy
16Indochinese Blue FlycatcherEasy
17Brown-chested Jungle FlycatcherEasy
18Large NiltavaEasy
19Small NiltavaEasy
20Fujian NiltavaEasy
21Rufous-bellied NiltavaEasy
22Chinese Vivid NiltavaEasy
23Blue-and-white FlycatcherEasy
24Zappey’s FlycatcherEasy
25Verditer FlycatcherEasy
26Lesser ShortwingEasy
27Himalayan ShortwingEasy
28Chinese ShortwingEasy
29Gould’s ShortwingEasy
30Rufous-tailed RobinEasy
31Japanese RobinEasy
32Siberian Blue RobinEasy
33White-bellied RedstartEasy
35Blue Whistling-ThrushEasy
36Little ForktailEasy
37White-crowned ForktailEasy
38Spotted ForktailEasy
39Slaty-backed ForktailEasy
41Siberian RubythroatEasy
42White-tailed RobinEasy
43Blue-fronted RobinEasy
44Red-flanked BluetailEasy
45Himalayan BluetailEasy
46White-browed Bush-RobinEasy
47Golden Bush-RobinEasy
48Yellow-rumped FlycatcherEasy
49Green-backed FlycatcherEasy
50Narcissus FlycatcherHigh
51Mugimaki FlycatcherEasy
52Slaty-backed FlycatcherEasy
53Slaty-blue FlycatcherEasy
54Snowy-browed FlycatcherEasy
55Pygmy FlycatcherEasy
56Rufous-gorgeted FlycatcherEasy
57Sapphire FlycatcherEasy
58Little Pied FlycatcherEasy
59Taiga FlycatcherEasy
60Red-breasted FlycatcherEasy
61Blue-fronted RedstartEasy
62Plumbeous RedstartEasy
63White-capped RedstartEasy
64Black RedstartEasy
65Daurian RedstartEasy
66Chestnut-bellied Rock-ThrushEasy
67White-throated Rock-ThrushEasy
68Blue Rock-ThrushEasy
69Siberian StonechatEasy
70Amur StonechatHigh
71Pied BushchatHigh
72Jerdon’s BushchatHigh
73Gray BushchatHigh

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