Drongos Of Vietnam – Dicruridae

Drongos are a diverse and fascinating family of birds found in Vietnam, with seven different species Drongos of Vietnam. Here are some interesting facts about each of these magnificent birds.

  1. Black Drongo: The Black Drongo is a striking bird with glossy black plumage and a distinctive forked tail. They are known for their aggressive behavior, often mobbing other birds and even animals that come too close to their nests.
  2. Ashy Drongo: The Ashy Drongo is a slightly smaller drongo with grayish-black plumage and a distinctive white spot on the base of its primaries. They are highly vocal birds, with a complex repertoire of calls and songs.
  3. Bronzed Drongo: The Bronzed Drongo is a beautiful bird with metallic greenish-black plumage and a long, deeply forked tail. They are often found in open woodland areas and are known for their acrobatic flying skills.
  4. Greater Racket-tailed Drongo: The Greater Racket-tailed Drongo is a stunning bird with glossy black plumage, an iridescent blue-green throat, and a long, distinctive tail with two elongated, ribbon-like feathers. They are expert mimics and can imitate the calls of a wide variety of other birds.
  5. Lesser Racket-tailed Drongo: The Lesser Racket-tailed Drongo is a smaller version of the Greater Racket-tailed Drongo, with a shorter tail and less prominent racket-shaped feathers. They are found in a wide range of habitats, from forests to open scrubland.
  6. Hair-crested Drongo: The Hair-crested Drongo is a unique-looking bird with a spiky crest of feathers on its head and a distinctive white patch on its throat. They are often found in small flocks and are known for their agile flying and foraging abilities.
  7. Crow-billed Drongo: The Crow-billed Drongo is the largest of the drongos found in Vietnam, with a heavy, deep bill and glossy black plumage. They are known for their aggressive behavior and will often chase and attack other birds that venture too close to their nests.

Overall, the seven species of drongos found in Vietnam are a dazzling display of nature’s mastery, with their unique and varied plumage, acrobatic flying skills, and complex vocalizations. Seeing these magnificent birds in the wild is a true privilege and a testament to the country’s rich biodiversity

List 7 Drongos of Vietnam

1Black DrongoEasy
2Ashy DrongoEasy
3Crow-billed DrongoMedium
4Bronzed DrongoEasy
5Lesser Racket-tailed DrongoMedium
6Hair-crested DrongoMedium
7Greater Racket-tailed DrongoEasy

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