Bird Photography Tours

From the vibrant pittas to the elusive hornbills, join for Vietnam country’s rich birdlife. Tailored for photographers, these tours offer prime opportunities to frame these feathered beauties in their natural habitats, ensuring you return with stunning shots and unforgettable memories.

Primate Photography Tours

From the expressive faces of langurs to the playful gibbons, seize the chance to photograph these captivating creatures. Guided by experts, these tours ensure you’re at the right place at the right time, capturing the essence and emotions of primates.

Landscape Photography Tours

From the serene rice terraces to the majestic limestone karsts, every frame captures a story. Designed for photographers passionate about nature and landscapes, these tours take you to Vietnam’s most picturesque spots, ensuring each click is a masterpiece in the making.


Why should Wildlife-photography IN VIETNAM?
Vietnam is home to many unique and endemic species of wildlife, meaning they can only be found in this specific region and not anywhere else in the world
Rich and diverse wildlife: a wide range of species, from primates and birds to reptiles and mammals, making it a prime destination for wildlife photography.
Unique habitats: The country boasts a range of unique habitats, from tropical forests to wetlands, mountains, and coastlines, providing a diverse range of environments to capture on film.
Professional support: With professional wildlife photographers and tour operators available, visitors can make the most of their time and ensure they get the best shots possible. From customized itineraries to expert guides, visitors can feel confident that their trip will be well-supported and planned to maximize their wildlife photography opportunities.

Local Knowledge: Our guides are highly knowledgeable about the local habitats, birds, and wildlife in Vietnam, giving you an in-depth understanding of the region and ensuring you have the best possible birding experience.

Experiences: Our team has years of experience leading birding and wildlife tours in Vietnam and have developed a deep understanding of the best spots to go and the best times to visit. This means you can be confident that your trip will be a success.

Trust and Safety: Our top priority is the safety and comfort of our visitors. We understand the importance of trust when it comes to traveling and is committed to providing a safe, enjoyable, and memorable experience. We have a track record of delivering top-quality services, and our clients trust us to provide the best possible birding and wildlife-watching experiences in Vietnam.

TIPs for planning wildlife photography tour in Vietnam
Research your destination: Before planning a tour, research the different habitats and areas where the wildlife you want to photograph can be found.
Choose the right time: Timing is crucial for wildlife photography. Consider the best time of year to visit for the species you want to photograph, as well as the best time of day for the lighting conditions.
Get the right equipment: Invest in high-quality camera equipment and lenses to get the best possible photos. Consider the type of photography you want to do, as well as the environment you’ll be in.
Hire a local guide: A local guide will have the knowledge and experience to help you find the best places to see and photograph wildlife. They can also provide valuable information on local customs, etiquette, and conservation efforts.
Respect wildlife: Always observe wildlife from a safe distance and never disturb them or their habitat. Adhere to the guidelines set by local authorities and respect the rules and regulations of national parks and reserves.
Be prepared for challenges: Wildlife photography can be challenging and unpredictable. Be prepared for changes in weather, difficult terrain, and long hours in the field. It’s important to be patient and flexible and to have a positive attitude.
Respect local communities: Always be mindful of local communities and their customs. Respect their privacy and do not interfere with their daily activities.

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