16 Crakes & Coots Of Vietnam

Crakes & Coots Of Vietnam – Rallidae

The Rallidae is a family of birds commonly known as crakes, coots, and gallinules. Several species of birds in Crakes & Coots Of Vietnam can easily be found in Vietnam such as White-browed Crake, Eurasian Moorhen, Purple Swamphen, etc.

Crakes & Coots are a diverse group of birds that are adapted to living near water, including marshes, swamps, and wetlands. They feed on a variety of food items, including seeds, insects, and crustaceans, and are most active during the day. Rails play an important role in the ecosystem, helping to maintain the balance of the wetland habitats where they live. Some species of rails, such as the Baillon’s Crake and the Spotted Crake, are considered to be threatened or endangered due to habitat loss and other human activities. Conservation efforts are underway to help protect these species and their habitats

List 16 Crakes & Coots of Vietnam

1Brown-cheeked Rail
2Corn Crake
3Slaty-breasted Rail
4Eurasian Moorhen
5Eurasian Coot
6Purple Swamphen
7White-browed Crake
9White-breasted Waterhen
10Red-legged Crake
11Slaty-legged Crake
12Ruddy-breasted Crake
13Band-bellied Crake
14Brown Crake
15Baillon’s Crake
16Black-tailed Crake

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