Sparrows in Vietnam – Passeridae

Sparrows in Vietnam are a group of small passerine birds that are found all over the country. Despite their small size, these birds are known for their hardy nature, adaptability, and resilience. In Vietnam, there are four species of sparrows that are particularly fascinating to observe and learn about.

The first species is the Russet Sparrow, which is found in grasslands, fields, and urban areas across Vietnam. This sparrow has a distinctive reddish-brown plumage, with black streaks on its back and a black bib on its chest. The Russet Sparrow is known for its cheerful and melodious song, which can often be heard in the early morning and late afternoon.

Exploring the Diversity of Sparrows in Vietnam: 4 Fascinating Species
Exploring the Diversity of Sparrows in Vietnam: 4 Fascinating Species 7

The second species is the Eurasian Tree Sparrow, which is one of the most common sparrows in Vietnam. This small, gray-brown bird is found in a variety of habitats, from cities and towns to rural areas and forests. The Eurasian Tree Sparrow is known for its energetic and noisy behavior, as well as its ability to adapt to human environments.

The third species is the House Sparrow, which is a small finch-like bird that is often mistaken for a sparrow. This species is found in grasslands, rice paddies, and wetlands across Vietnam, and is known for its distinctive white rump and chestnut-colored head. The House Sparrow is a social bird that often forms large flocks, and is known for its acrobatic flight and melodious song.

The fourth and final species is the Plain-backed Sparrow, which is a small, brown sparrow that is found in open habitats such as grasslands, scrublands, and agricultural fields. This species is known for its distinctive yellow-colored ear coverts, which contrast sharply with its gray-brown back and wings. The Plain-backed Sparrow is a shy bird that often hides in dense vegetation, but can sometimes be spotted perched on wires or fence posts.

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Exploring the Diversity of Sparrows in Vietnam: 4 Fascinating Species 8

Overall, exploring the diversity of sparrows in Vietnam is a rewarding and enlightening experience. From the melodious songs of the Russet Sparrow to the acrobatic flight of the House Sparrow, these small but resilient birds offer a fascinating glimpse into the natural world

List 2 Jacanas of Vietnam

1House SparrowEasy
2Russet SparrowHard
3Plain-backed SparrowEasy
4Eurasian Tree SparrowEasy

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