Orioles Of Vietnam – Oriolidae

Old World Orioles (Oriolidae) are a family of birds known for their vibrant colors and beautiful songs. As known as a home to a variety of orioles, and among them, there are five species Orioles of Vietnam that stand out with their resplendent colors and serenading songs.

The first on the list is the Black-naped Oriole, easily recognizable with its black nape, golden-yellow body, and distinctive black eye stripe. Its melodious flute-like song is often heard in the forests, gardens, and parks throughout Vietnam

The second is the Silver Oriole, a stunning bird with a silver-blue body, black wings, and a bright yellow tail. Its sweet and high-pitched whistle can be heard echoing through the forests, especially near the streams and rivers.

The third is the Maroon Oriole, a beautiful bird with a maroon-colored body, black wings, and a black eye stripe. Its clear, melodious, and flutelike song is commonly heard in the evergreen and semi-evergreen forests of Vietnam

The fourth is the Slender-billed Oriole, also known as the Eastern Black-headed Oriole, which is a beautiful bird species found in Vietnam and other parts of Southeast Asia. This bird has a slender, curved beak that is slightly longer than its head, which is how it gets its name. The male has a striking black head, while the female has a more muted yellow head. Both sexes have bright yellow underparts and olive-green upperparts

The last on the list is the Black-hooded Oriole, a stunning bird with a black head, yellow body, and black wings. Its flute-like song is a common sound in the forests of Vietnam, often heard in pairs or small groups

List 5 Orioles of Vietnam

1Black-naped OrioleEasy
2Slender-billed OrioleEasy
3Black-hooded OrioleEasy
4Maroon OrioleEasy
5Silver OrioleHard

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