Crows and Jays Of Vietnam – Corvidae

As known as home to an incredible variety of bird species, there are 18 different kinds of Crows and Jays of Vietnam. These birds are known for their intelligence, striking colors, and social behaviors.

Vietnam is home to a diverse array of bird species, and the crow and jay family is no exception. These intelligent and adaptable birds can be found across the country, from bustling urban areas to the depths of dense forests. With their distinctive calls, striking plumage, and fascinating social behaviors, crows and jays are among the most captivating and charismatic birds in Vietnam.

Among the 18 species of crows and jays found in Vietnam, some of the most notable include the Eurasian Jay, the Grey Treepie, the Large-billed Crow, and the Red-billed Blue Magpie. Each of these birds has unique characteristics that set it apart from the others.

The Eurasian Jay is a stunning bird with a bright blue and white plumage and a distinctive black mustache-like marking on its face. It is known for its raucous calls and its fondness for acorns, which it stores in the ground to consume later.

The Grey Treepie is another beautiful bird, with a sleek grey and white body and striking red eyes. These birds are intelligent and curious, and have been known to engage in playful behavior, such as stealing shiny objects.

The Large-billed Crow is a common sight in urban areas, with its glossy black feathers and distinctive large bill. These birds are highly adaptable and have learned to thrive in a variety of environments, from city parks to agricultural fields.

The Red-billed Blue Magpie is a colorful and charismatic bird with striking blue and black feathers and a vibrant red bill. These birds are highly social and live in tight-knit family groups, where they engage in complex social behaviors and communicate with a variety of calls and vocalizations.

In addition to these species, there are many other crows and jays found in Vietnam, each with its own unique characteristics and behaviors. With such a diverse array of birds to discover, it’s no wonder that Vietnam is such a popular destination for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts

List 18 Crows and Jays of Vietnam

1Eurasian JayHard
2Yellow-billed Blue-MagpieHard
3Red-billed Blue-MagpieHard
4White-winged MagpieHard
5Common Green-MagpieMedium
6Indochinese Green-MagpieHard
7Rufous TreepieHard
8Gray TreepieHard
9Collared TreepieHard
10Racket-tailed TreepieEasy
11Ratchet-tailed TreepieEasy
12Oriental MagpieHard
13Eurasian MagpieHard
14Eurasian NutcrackerHard
15House CrowEasy
16Carrion CrowHard
17Large-billed CrowEasy
18Collared CrowHard

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