Swift Of Vietnam – Apodidae

The Apodidae is a family of birds commonly known as swifts. There are several species of swifts that can be found in Vietnam, including Asian Palm Swift, House Swift, Germain’s Swiftlet, etc.

Swifts of Vietnam are aerial birds that are well adapted for flight, with long, narrow wings and a streamlined body. They feed on flying insects and are most active during the day. Swifts can be found in a variety of habitats, including forests, scrublands, and urban areas, and play an important role in controlling the populations of flying insects. These birds are also known for their fast, acrobatic flight and their aerial courtship displays.

List 11 Swifts of Vietnam

1White-throated Needletail
2Silver-backed Needletail
3Brown-backed Needletail
4Himalayan Swiftlet
5Black-nest Swiftlet
6White-nest Swiftlet
7Germain’s Swiftlet
8Pacific Swift
9Cook’s Swift
10House Swift
11Asian Palm Swift

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