Cranes Of Vietnam – Gruidae

The Gruidae is a family of birds commonly known as Cranes. Cranes of Vietnam have the widest wingspan of Vietnam each species has a unique point and title for itself.

Cranes are large, long-legged birds that are found in a variety of habitats, including wetlands, grasslands, and rice paddies. They feed on a variety of food items, including seeds, insects, and small animals, and play an important role in maintaining the balance of the habitats where they live.

Some species of cranes, such as the Sarus Crane, are considered to be threatened or endangered due to habitat loss and other human activities, and their populations are declining. Conservation efforts are underway to help protect these species and their habitats, in order to prevent their extinction

List 3 Cranes of Vietnam

1Sarus Crane
2Common Crane
3Black-necked Crane

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