Weavers in Vietnam – Ploceidae

The weaver bird family is known for their intricate nests and beautiful plumage. There are three species of weavers in Vietnam that can be found. Each species has its own unique characteristics that make them a wonder to behold.

  1. Baya Weaver: The Baya Weaver is a small, yellow-brown bird with a distinctive black mask. The male bird has a bright yellow head and underparts, while the female is a duller yellow-brown. They are known for their impressive nest-building skills, creating complex, woven nests in the shape of a ball with a small entrance at the bottom. They can be found in grasslands, agricultural fields, and open forests throughout Vietnam.
  2. Streaked Weaver: The Streaked Weaver is a medium-sized bird with a brownish-grey back and a streaked breast. They have a black mask around their eyes and a yellow patch on their throat. Their nests are similar to those of the Baya Weaver, but with a more elongated shape. They are commonly found in lowland forests and along the edges of agricultural fields.
  3. Asian Golden Weaver: The Asian Golden Weaver is a brightly colored bird with a yellow head and underparts and a black back. They have a distinctive orange beak and a black mask around their eyes. The male birds have longer tail than the females. They build intricate, woven nests that hang from the branches of trees. They can be found in forests, plantations, and wetlands throughout Vietnam.
Vibrant Trio of Weavers in Vietnam: Exploring the Colors and Craftsmanship of These Skilled Birds
Vibrant Trio of Weavers in Vietnam: Exploring the Colors and Craftsmanship of These Skilled Birds 4

All three species of weavers are known for their social behavior, often forming large flocks outside of the breeding season. They primarily feed on seeds and insects, and their nests also provide shelter for other bird species. The conversation status of each species varies, with the Baya Weaver and Streaked Weaver being classified as least concern, while the Asian Golden Weaver is listed as near threatened due to habitat loss and degradation

List 3 Weavers in Vietnam

1Streaked WeaverEasy
2Baya WeaverEasy
3Asian Golden WeaverEasy

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