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Located in HCMC, Vietnam, and Does service in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and more in Southeast Asia.

Business License: 0317246179 – Travel business No. 

Head Office Ad: 53 D street, Lakeview City, Thu Duc City, HCMC, Vietnam (Maps here)

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  • Tours & Activities: Birding, Herping, Eco-tours, Edu-tours …
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This website mostly focuses on Nature Tours & Activities in Vietnam

And our-tours are Private and Custom tours for “Wild & Nature Explore”, especially #Birding #Herping #Nationalpark-tour #Photography-tour #Culture-tour in Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos.

We also have some OPEN-TOURS in 7 days, 14 days, and 23 days every year for Bigger Group to save costs for you.

Note: For Tour Agents, please contact us via email: info@wanee.vn

Our Vision

Sustainable tourism development contributes to wildlife conservation.

Our Mission

Design the best itineraries for you who want to explore real “Wild & Nature in Vietnam” with the best services and most affordable.

Our Goal

90% of people joining “Tours & Activities” of WANEE feel satisfaction, the rest are impressed and be long-term friends.

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Meet the team

Tour Operate & Sale Manager

Untitled design 11 WANEE Asia

Mai Mai
Tour Operate

Untitled design 14 WANEE Asia

Huynh Phuc
Sale Support

Nature Expert Guide

Untitled design 17 WANEE Asia

Thang Nguyen
Senior birding guide

Experiences: Since 2012

Familiar with: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and China.

2 3 WANEE Asia

Vu Herp
Herping guide

Experiences: Since 2016

Familiar with: South Vietnam

Untitled design 16 WANEE Asia

Quang Ngon
Nature Guide

Experiences: Since 2020

Familiar with: Mekong Delta & South Vietnam

6 2 WANEE Asia

Luc Nguyen
Senior guide

Experiences: Since 2014

Familiar with: South, Central & North Vietnam

3 2 WANEE Asia

Dang Quang Trong
Senior birding guide

Experiences: Since 2008

Familiar with: South, Central and Northeast Vietnam

Untitled design 10 WANEE Asia

Bui Duc Tuan
Nature Guide

Experiences: Since 2016
Familiar with: Central Vietnam

7 2 WANEE Asia

Hai Lua
Culture Guide

Experiences: Since 2013
Familiar with: South, Central & North Vietnam

4 2 WANEE Asia

Xuan Thanh
Freelance Guide

Experiences: Since 2014
Familiar with: South, Central & North Vietnam

8 2 WANEE Asia

National Park guide

Experiences: Since 2012
Familiar with: Cat Tien National Park

5 1 WANEE Asia

Pham Bach
Intern guide

Experiences: Since 2022
Familiar with: Mekong Delta & Cat Tien Np.

Untitled design 19 WANEE Asia

Hoang Quy
Intern Guide

Experiences: Since 2022
Familiar with: Mekong Delta & Cat Tien Np.

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