1. What's WANEE Tours & Activities?

Tours & Activities in WANEE mostly focus on Birding, Herping, and National Park Tours in Vietnam but we also run custom tours for the special request to combine Nature tours & Culture tours.

Based on our vision “Sustainable tourism development contributes to wildlife conservation” all tours aim to be the goal “90% of people joining “Tours & Activities” of WANEE feel satisfaction, and the rest are impressed and be long-term friends”. 

You could also learn about WANEE Operate Team here

2. How's to book tours?

Make a requirements

Please take an itinerary you like or send a request for a custom tour, our expert team will make the best fit for your need.

Learn more itinerary: Birding in Vietnam (here); Herping in Vietnam (here)

Confirm Booking

Please kindly refer to our Terms and Conditions for full details.

Booking Conditions

Online Payment

All of the bookings need a deposit of 30-50 % to confirm Guides & Services, We strongly recommend that make a reservation as soon as possible according to limited time and Expert guide schedules.

3. Do I need a visa to visit?

Maybe, it depends on where you are from and how long you want to stay. It is best to check the website of the Vietnam embassy in your home country.

or you might like to read our E-VISA article in Vietnam

4. Can you help me book flights?

Yes, we will always try our best to help with anything at all! We’re here to serve you. However, it is usually easier if you book your flight through your own travel agent as we can’t always get the best deals from your particular country. But we will help whenever needed!

5. Do you provide trip insurance?

No, because we find that it is better for trip participants to purchase their own medical, trip cancellation, and baggage insurance through their own insurance provider in the country they reside in. We expect all tour participants to have comprehensive insurance, and we encourage everyone to send us a copy of their insurance documents.

1. What do your tours include?

=> Please refer to specific tour details.
Typically, but not always, the tour price includes accommodation, meals, vehicle transport and fuel, entrance fees, and guide fees.
Tour prices exclude visa fees, beverages, laundry fees, any additional/optional activities (not specified as such in the itinerary), gratuities, and items of a personal nature, such as gifts and souvenirs.
The tour price does not include your international flight and usually does not include your international flight and usually does not include local flight either – but please refer to the details of your specific tour to see if local flights are included or excluded.

2. What are the accommodation and vehicles like?

=> We usually use clean and comfortable accommodation but in some destinations, this is not always possible. Please ask us about the accommodation for a specific tour.
While we try to find comfortable accommodation wherever we go, this is not always possible in all destinations, and also we do not use overly luxurious accommodation, as most birders feel that would be a waste of money. But, on a private tour, you can dictate to us whatever you want – from camping to 5-star.

3. Do you ever change the itinerary of tour leader?

=> We rarely change an itinerary but occasionally do because of the availability of accommodation, road conditions, updates on where the best current sites are for certain species, the discretion of the guides, and other factors.
A tour leader can also rarely be changed, due to unforeseen illness or other factors.

4. What other equipment should I pack?

=> Birding gear for the field: binoculars, camera, notebook and pencil, a portable and up-to-date field guide, a small flashlight, and an umbrella. Sun cream is essential and insect repellent, especially in lowland areas.

5. How big are your groups?

At WANEE, we have low group size limits. Our Off-the-shelf tours of six (6) individuals will bread a quality tour since better communication will be ensured and there are higher chances of seeing more clearly and closely.

1. How's Tour Report?

For the short tour, Our guide will do the checklist every day of the tour,

For the long tour and big group, at the end of the trip, we support modifying your work to make it visual to easily remember your Life Trip in Vietnam, it could share with your friend or your family.

2. Data Contribution?

IN WANEE, it’s not only enjoying our time for nature it’s also contributing to conservation by sharing data during our trips. 

You could learn about our biodiversity data for projects in Vietnam as: 



3. How to Rating or Review Guide & Services?

We do the Tours and Services by our expert & Enthuse but we also know “Nothing is perfect” so the most important of us is listening & improving.

We love to hear you sharing about Guide & Services via email at

You could also rate us on Tripadvisor 

Thank you!

First time coming to Vietnam!

1. Things to Know Before Visiting Vietnam?

1. Sort out your visa

Speaking of traveling to any country, the visa is generally mentioned first. It is rather astonishing that many people who are going to visit Vietnam have no idea what to do with their Vietnam visas. In fact, residents of some specific countries are exempted from a visa to Vietnam for a certain period of time while others may be required to get a visa to enter Vietnam.

In the past, the process of getting a Vietnam visa at Vietnamese embassies is daunting and confusing, but fortunately, now travelers can consider applying for a visa on arrival (VOA) or e-visa which is so convenient and less time-consuming. Of course, a visa on arrival has lots of advantages over other ways to obtain a Vietnam visa, but please notice that it is just applicable for air travel only. There are many companies that can do it for you online for a small fee.

Note: The visa situation for Vietnam differs for each nationality and changes regularly, so you should always check your nationality’s visa conditions prior to departure.

2. Weather varies so much

Vietnam is generally hot and humid. Since the country is long and thin in shape, its natural weather changes significantly depending on geography. There are 3 different weather regions in the country. At a time, it could be snowing in Sapa but blazingly hot in Phu Quoc.

Details about the weather in Vietnam:

  • Northern Vietnam: expect hot wet summers and cool dry winters. From September to November, it can be cold here, especially adjacent to the border with China.
  • Central Vietnam: expect dry, hot weather from January to August with approximately mid-thirty temperatures.
  • Southern Vietnam: expect an entire tropical climate with only 2 seasons – dry and wet.

Due to varied weather conditions throughout the country, the best time to travel in Vietnam so as to fully enjoy your trip is from December to April.

3. People are friendly

Vietnamese culture is so special partly because Vietnamese people are very friendly, lovely, kind, and giving. Some visitors said that, during their travels in Asia, they met and communicated with many friendly people from different places, but Vietnamese take it to a whole new level of kindness. Though people here might not have much, they still willingly share what they have with you.

4. Things are affordable

Vietnam is among the cheapest countries in Asia, so you can expect to have a cheap trip for your first time in Vietnam. Transport, hotels, drinks, meals, souvenirs, etc. are incredibly cheap compared with other Asian countries, namely Thailand. As just a bit of cash can go a long way, it means more travelers can afford to visit Vietnam.

5. Dress appropriately

Vietnam is not a conservative country regarding clothing and you do not need to dress like an Afghan woman. It is totally fine to wear a shirt, shorts, and flip-flops when visiting usual entertaining areas or walking on the streets, but it is advisable to wear something cover-up when visiting religious sites like temples.

If you are not sure about what to wear, simply do as locals do. Don’t forget to bring warm clothes if you are visiting the North during the winter months.

6. It is a food paradise

Recently, Vietnam begins to make headway in the circle of food in the world. Vietnamese food is unique with a perfect blend of sweet, sour, salty, and savory flavors and tastes.

Words are not enough for describing Vietnamese cuisine because it offers valuable insight into the culture of the country. Being the heart of Vietnamese culture, Vietnam food varies by region from the north to the south. Food tends to be less spicy in northern Vietnam, spicier in central Vietnam, and sweeter in southern Vietnam.

Famous dishes that tourists should not miss upon visiting Vietnam include fresh and fried spring rolls (Nem), rice noodles (Phở), steamed rice pancakes (Bánh Cuốn), Cha Ca, etc.

7. Public transportation is easy enough

Speaking of transportation in Vietnam, it can be said that Vietnam is one of the easiest countries in Asia thanks to its affordable, expansive, and reliable network of means. As a traveler, you can get from any corner of Vietnam to any other using public transport.

There are many options travelers can choose from to travel around Vietnam. Not to mention trains and buses that suit long journeys, travelers visiting Vietnam have a wide range of means to move around during their trip. In big cities like Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, motorbikes (scooters) are literally everywhere so if you are a relatively adventurous traveler, you can rent one to get around. Other less-adventurous but still interesting options are cyclos (three-wheel bicycle taxis) and motorcycle taxis.

No matter what you do or where you go, make sure that you spend some time rolling on the river by boat to not miss any special travel experience in Vietnam.

8. Be aware of road safety

Traffic in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City could be terrifying at first glance and walking across crowded streets during rush hour is like an impossible task in the eye of foreigners. However, it is not as hard as it appears. Just like a school of fish, the traffic will glide around you as long as you move at a steady and slow pace.

How Long To Stay In Vietnam for the First Time for Wildlife?

The length of your first-time journey in Vietnam depends on how many days you want to travel. Some common options for traveling duration offered by travel agents are:

2. First Time in Vietnam – Where to Go?

You might read this post for your overview ideas

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Exploring 11 world biosphere reserves in Vietnam

Birding hot-spot in Vietnam 

Herping hot-spot in Vietnam

3. First Time in Vietnam – What To Do?

The checklist of Wild & Nature on iGoTerra: LINK HERE

Birding in Vietnam

You should consider researching the best birding spots and seasonal migratory patterns of the birds they want to see. It is recommended to join a guided birding tour led by an experienced local guide to maximize the chances of sighting the desired species and to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Bird photography in Vietnam 

You should prepare your camera gear and bring adequate equipment for the desired shooting conditions. It’s also recommended to familiarize themselves with the local bird species and their behaviors to capture the best shots. Joining a guided bird photography tour will also provide helpful tips and information on the best spots and times to take photos.

Herping in Vietnam 

You should consider the weather and season as it affects the activity levels and habitats of reptiles and amphibians. Joining a guided herping tour with a knowledgeable guide will increase the chances of spotting and photographing the desired species. It’s important to respect wildlife and follow ethical guidelines for observing and photographing them.

Wildlife Watching in Vietnam 

You should research the best areas for sighting the desired species and plan their trip accordingly. Joining a guided wildlife-watching tour with a local expert guide will provide a safe and educational experience, as well as tips and advice on the best viewing locations.

National Park Explore in Vietnam

You should research the parks and their facilities, as well as the best times to visit for the desired activities and wildlife sightings. Joining a guided national park tour with a local expert guide will provide a comprehensive experience and help ensure a safe and enjoyable visit.

Combination of Wildlife & Nature in Vietnam 

You can consider planning a multi-activity trip that combines different experiences, such as birding, wildlife watching, national park exploration, and cultural visits. Joining a guided tour with a local expert guide will provide a comprehensive and unique experience and maximize the chances of experiencing the best of Vietnam’s wild and natural wonders.