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Our Wildlife Photography Tours in Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country with stunning nature and a great diversity of wildlife. Photographing especially wildlife is challenging. But our tour guides are experts at finding the animals for you.

We need to add that our guides will help you find the subjects, but are not photography experts that can give you photo technical advice. All our private tours are flexible enough to give you all the time to get that perfect shot!

Why our photo tours?

The guides that accompany you on each of our tour packages are experts on the local wildlife, birdlife, or herpetofauna. They know the nature reserves on the back of their hands, and will do their very best to show you the amazing biodiversity that occurs there.

Each individual tour package will have more details on why it is a worthwhile option.

Wildlife Photography Tours in Vietnam
Wildlife Photography Tours in Vietnam 7

What are the available tour activities in Vietnam?

All the listed tour packages are not specifically advertised as photography tours. They are wildlife tours, or tours with a specific focus on for example birds, or herpetofauna. But all these packages are private tours and therefore there is always the flexibility for you as a photographer to take your time to get the perfect shot.

The guides are experts in finding the wildlife, but are not experts in photography. These tours do not include technical advice on photography.

For more details on the activities included in each of these tours, please, click the tour package to learn more.

Where are the tours taking place?

Because virtually all our tour packages are suitable for photographers, the destinations vary quite a bit. From right in the center of Bangkok to the larger national parks & wildlife sanctuaries further afield.

No place is the same, and even if on paper the species might overlap, usually each location has its own commonly seen animals that tend to be hard to see elsewhere.

When is the best time for tours in Vietnam?

Most of our tours are available year round, and each season has its advantages. Some parks close during certain months of the year. Check each tour package for more specific details on this.

Depending on your target species, there might be specific months that are best. Again, it is best to check the tour package for more details.

Extra information about photography in Vietnam

Photographing wildlife is often very challenging in Vietnam. The light conditions in the forests are very low. It is especially for wildlife and bird photography recommended to bring fast lenses (lenses with large aperture openings that allow more light coming through). And camera bodies that can handle high ISOs well would be preferred.

The faster lenses mentioned earlier also help with subject separation from the background due to a smaller depth of field when shot wide open. In the dense jungles you might even need that more than you would in an open savannah in Africa, because the background with branches and leaves easily gets distracting.

Getting close to wildlife is often complicated, either due to their shy nature or simply because many species forage high up in trees. In most situations long telephoto lenses would be recommended.

Also, most forests in Vietnam have a very high humidity. And you should always be prepared for rain, even in what is generally considered the dry season. Not sure how likely this is to happen after just one holiday, but for us living here, dealing with fungus in lenses is very common. Bringing a dry box on holiday might be complicated, but look for tips online how to keep your gear safe in such conditions whilst travelling.

And a last point to take into account. If staying in an air-conditioned room, your gear cools down significantly. Especially with the high humidity in the wet season this often causes the gear to fog up as soon as you go outside. Try to store your gear in a way that avoids it from cooling down significantly.

Rhacophorus calcaneus
Wildlife Photography Tours in Vietnam 8

How much does a tour cost?

The rates can be found on the tour package web pages. All the tour packages in Vietnam suitable for photography can be found at the top of this page. The button below will take you there.

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