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Oriental Bay Owl

[Bird list of Cat Tien and Dalat] top 2 hotspots for the birder in Vietnam

Overview and Distribution The Oriental Bay Owl (Phodilus badius) is a type of bay owl, usually classified with barn owls in the Order Strigiformes and Family Tytonidae. It is completely nocturnal, and can be found throughout Southeast Asia and parts of India. It has several subspecies. It has a heart-shaped face with earlike extensions. The […]

5 Nightjars of Vietnam

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Nightjars of Vietnam – Caprimulgidae With 5 species of Nightjars of Vietnam, occurring over the country, all species hard to see, the striking Great Eared-Nightjar and Savanna Nightjar the more understated. Their range throughout Vietnam but their ability to camouflage makes them invisible on the forest floor. The overview of Nightjars families Nightjars are medium-sized […]

How to Birding in Dalat plateau [update 2023]

Birding in Dalat plateau

Why birding in Dalat Plateau Situated at an elevation of 1500 m on the Dalat Plateau and home to many of Vietnam’s endemic and near-endemic bird species. The habitat is a mixture of coniferous (dominated by Benguet Pine), montane evergreen and secondary forest. The montane evergreen forest extends up to 2287 m on Mount Bi Doup […]

How to Birding in Tan Phu forest & Ma Da Nature Reserve [update 2023]

Birding in Tan Phu forest

Why birding in Tan Phu Forest & Ma Da Nature reserve Tan Phu forest and Ma Da Nature reserve is the best choice for taking a short birding trip from Sai Gon where you could see the diversity of lowland evergreen forests unique to South Vietnam. Many beautiful birds that you could see in 1-2 […]

How to Birding in Can Gio mangroves and mudflat

Birding in Can Gio mangroves

Bird fauna Can Gio mangroves – Birding in Can Gio mangroves Why birding in Can Gio Mangrove Can Gio Mangroves, with their captivating interplay of water and land, beckon to bird enthusiasts for an array of compelling reasons. While the dominant habitat here, plantation mangrove, may not be the primary draw for key bird species, […]

How to Birding in Mekong Delta: Discover Serene Wetland Adventures for 7 Birding Delights

Birding in Mekong delta

Birding in Mekong Delta unveils a haven where nature unfurls in its full grandeur. The Mekong Delta offers an unparalleled birding experience, characterized by habitats as diverse as they are enchanting. From the shimmering intertidal mudflats and vast salt-pans to bustling shrimp ponds and the serene mangrove and melaleuca forests, every corner of the Delta […]

Birding in Sa Mu pass – Bac Huong Hoa Natural Reserve

Birding in Sa Mu pass

Little known by birders around the world, the Sa Mu pass is located in the northwest Quang Tri province and belongs to Bac Huong Hoa Natural Reserve Area. The area encompassed by lowland and mid-montane evergreen forest in central Vietnam, adjacent to the international border with Laos. The avifauna of reserve area is typical of the Annamese […]

How to Birding in Mang Den – Ngoc Linh Np. [update 2023]

Birding in Mang Den

Why birding in Mang Den – Ngoc Linh Np. Birding in Mang Den A newly established hill resort town an hour’s drive from the city of Kontum, on the plateau of the same name. The surrounding areas of montane evergreen forest can easily be explored by car from Mang Den. One of the main draws for […]

Birding in Lo Xo pass

Birding in Lo Xo pass

Bird fauna in Lo Xo – Birding in Lo Xo Lo Xo is actually the name of a pass on Ho Chi Minh road leading Da Nang southwest-ward to Kon Tum. The mountain forest along the Vietnam border with Laos. It is located in the Kontum Plateau EBA nearby Ngoc Linh national park, the tantalizingly […]

How to Birding in Yok Don national park [update 2023]

Birding in Yok Don national park

Why birding in Yok Don National park Dominant habitat is deciduous forest with seasonal pools and areas of semi-evergreen forest along rivers and streams and low hills. The Srepok River, a major tributary of the Mekong River bisects the park flowing over the border into Cambodia. Yok Don’s dry dipterocarp forest shares a similar avifauna with […]