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The Conservation of Cat Tien National Park: From Rhino to Rich Biodiversity

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Cat Tien National Park, nestled within Vietnam’s embrace, holds a storied past that spans the arcs of conservation and transformation. Initially revered as a crucial sanctuary for the endangered Javan rhinoceros, this lush expanse grappled with the imminent threat of extinction facing these majestic creatures. Battling the dual challenges of poaching and habitat degradation, the […]

Cat Tien National Park: A Stalwart Odyssey in Conservation Through Perseverance and Collaboration

Into the Green Heart of Vietnam: Cat Tien National Park Eco-Tours

Vietnam is one of the countries with high biodiversity, characterized by significant climate variations, ranging from near-equatorial regions to adjacent subtropical areas. The diverse topography contributes to the richness of various ecosystems, particularly the iconic forest ecosystems in the region. Up to now, Vietnam has established, maintained, and strengthened a system of policies and legal […]

7 Primate Species in Cat Tien National Park: Unveiling the Enchanting Majesty of these Playful and Clever Companions

7 Primate Species in Cat Tien National Park: Unveiling the Enchanting Majesty of these Playful and Clever Companions

Nestled in the heart of Vietnam, Cat Tien National Park emerges as a sanctuary of biodiversity, where lush landscapes and untamed wilderness converge to create a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. As a testament to the country’s rich primate diversity, Vietnam proudly shelters 24 species of these intelligent and charismatic creatures. However, it is within the […]

Wildlife Photography in Vietnam: 1 Comprehensive Guide for Bird, Primate, and Landscape Enthusiasts

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide to wildlife photography in Vietnam! If you’re a bird, primate, or landscape enthusiast looking for your next photography adventure, Vietnam offers a wealth of opportunities to capture stunning images of unique and diverse wildlife. Vietnam is home to a wide range of rare and endangered species. In this guide, we’ll […]

How many solutions are the best ways to conserve Grey-shanked Douc Langur in Quang Nam?

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     Quảng Nam is seeking sustainable solutions for the conservation of critically endangered primates living in a primary forest while creating stable livelihoods for farmers in Tam Mỹ Tây Commune – which is home to 50 endangered grey-shanked douc langurs.      A 120 ha-area of acacia log farms provide significant income for 40 households living […]

Why Bird Conservation Matters -for Gorverment

Wildlife Tour in Cat Tien National Park

This article by AMERICAN BIRD CONSERVATION Download pdf brochure here Governments seek prosperity; prosperous communities, economies, and environments are central to their missions. Bird conservation can help to achieve these objectives. Birds contribute to human health, improve agricultural production, generate millions of dollars in ecotourism revenue, and serve as indicators of environmental well-being.  However,  North […]

11 years after the last rhino of Vietnam died at Cát Tiên National Park

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 The last native rhino of Vietnam dead at Cát Tiên National Park in 2010 has pushed the subspecies of the Rhinoceros sondaicus one step further to the brink of extinction. On March 21, 2019, a male Javan rhino of the species died in Indonesia’s Ujung Kulon National Park, reducing the total number of this subspecies […]

Western Nghe An Biosphere Reserve

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PART I: The largest biosphere reserve in Southeast Asia: Vietnam’s success story or a conservation failure? Western Nghe An Biosphere Reserve by Shreya Dasgupta on 30 September 2014 on In 2010, poachers shot and killed the last Javan rhino in Vietnam, wiping out an entire subspecies. The Sumatran rhino, the Malayan tapir, and the civet otter, […]

What’s Biodiversity Hotspots ? 9 spots in Asia

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Biodiversity Hotspots are species-rich communities threatened by habitat loss, destruction, and rising extinction rates. Biodiversity Hotspots are not distributed uniformly around the globe: North and Central America contain four Hotspots while South America hosts five. The Caribbean Islands are their own Hotspot. The only one found in Europe is the region that comprises the Mediterranean Basin. […]

Vietnam law on wildlife conservation and protection

Overview of Vietnam’s law on wildlife conservation and protection

Vietnam is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. However, the increase in human population and illegal wildlife hunting has led to a high risk of biodiversity loss and put many animals on the brink of extinction. Being fully aware of the seriousness of the situation, the Vietnamese Government has focused on improving […]