Birds of Tam Dao National Park [update 2023] which covers 81 species over time, Endemics, near-endemic, and highlight – Review by Thang Nguyen.

Overview Birds of Tam Dao National park – last update Feb/2023

Number of species: 81

The highlight of Birds of Tam Dao National Park

About 100 species have been recorded at Tam Dao, specialities include Purple and Green Cochoas, Chestnut Bulbul, Grey Laughingthrush, Coral-billed and Streak-breasted Scimitar Babblers, and Greater Rufous-headed and Short-tailed Parrotbills. Winter visitors may turn up here between December and March including Black-breasted, Japanese, Eye-browed, Grey-backed Thrush, and Fujian Niltava.

Black-throated Laughingthrush

Grey Laughingthrush

Short-tailed Parrotbill

The most wanted birds for the birders

Grey Laughingthrush, Black-throated Laughingthrush, Green and Purpple Cochoas, and Short-tailed Parrotbill.

FAQs about birds of Tam Dao National park

When is the best time for birding & bird photography in Tam Dao Np.?

“The best time for birding in Aug is from Nov to Tam Dao when it is not much rain and migratory time”
Note that It will be cool, you should prepare for clothing

Where to birdwatching in Tam Dao National Park?

Birding routes
The route from Tam Dao town, which lies within the national park, to Rung Rinh has long been the favoured birding route (known as the ‘Contour Trail’ or ‘Water Tank Trail’). Short-tailed Parrotbill and Blue-naped Pitta can be seen along this route 
Television Tower Trail: Walking up the 500 or so steps to the television tower above Tam Dao town, birders may encounter Grey Laughingthrush, Chestnut Bulbul, and, if they are fortunate, Green Cochoa. Be warned: this trail becomes very crowded with noisy students on weekends.
The route to Nung village from behind the park headquarters is a good walk through forest, which may yield Ratchet-tailed Treepie and Black-throated Laughingthrush. Note that permission is required from the national park to walk this route.
Other small trails around the foot of the mountain and along the road to Tam Dao town can turn up Spot-necked Babbler.

How to Birding in Tam Dao National Park?

Get there
With a close distance to Hanoi, it is easy to visit Tam Dao National Park in one day. It only takes a maximum of 2 hours on bus, car, motorbike, taxi, or train to get here.
By bus
New way and Tien Thinh: the company provides round-trip service between Hanoi and Tam Dao by 200.000 per person. Buses are departed from My Dinh bus station.
Nhat Nam: Pick-up and drop-off places are based on agreement.
Public bus: 07/58 Hanoi bus connects Cau Giay/ Long Bien to Tam Dao. From Vinh Phuc stop, continue to ride on the 01 or 07 Vinh Phuc bus to Tam Dao mountain foot. Then call a taxi to your destination. Consider Mai Linh, Huy Hoang, and Thinh Hung brands.
By private vehicles
Travel by private car or motorbike is the most flexible means to Tam Dao National Park. Starting from Hanoi city center, follow Noi Bai international route or Me Linh Road (toll fee included), then continue with Highway 5 (Noi Bai – Lao Cai express), and turn to 2B National Road after seeing Vinh Yen city. Trust the road signs and you will arrive in no time.
However, as the mountain roads have many sharp turns, and high slopes, be careful of your speed and beware of the opposite vehicles.
By train
With only 35.000 VND you can catch a Hanoi – Lao Cai train and stop by Vinh Yen station. It takes about 45 minutes from the station, by taxi or bus to Tam Dao Park.
By taxi
Long way taxis are also available, but the price can be high compared to other transportations, about 1.000.000 VND one turn.

Tam Dao National Park Bird list

List of birds of Tam Dao National Park

No.English NameLatin Name
1Spotted DoveSpilopelia chinensis
2Green-billed MalkohaPhaenicophaeus tristis
3Gray NightjarCaprimulgus jotaka
4Germain’s SwiftletAerodramus germani
5Gray-faced BuzzardButastur indicus
6Eastern Marsh-HarrierCircus spilonotus
7Crested GoshawkAccipiter trivirgatus
8Eastern BuzzardButeo japonicus
9Mountain Scops-OwlOtus spilocephalus
10Collared Scops-OwlOtus lettia
11Oriental Scops-OwlOtus sunia
12Asian Barred OwletGlaucidium cuculoides
13Collared OwletTaenioptynx brodiei
 CORACIIFORMES: Alcedinidae 
14Common KingfisherAlcedo atthis
15White-throated KingfisherHalcyon smyrnensis
 PICIFORMES: Megalaimidae 
16Red-vented BarbetPsilopogon lagrandieri
17Golden-throated BarbetPsilopogon franklinii
18White-browed PiculetSasia ochracea
19Bay WoodpeckerBlythipicus pyrrhotis
 PASSERIFORMES: Eurylaimidae 
20Silver-breasted BroadbillSerilophus lunatus
 PASSERIFORMES: Campephagidae 
21Scarlet MinivetPericrocotus speciosus
22Black-winged CuckooshrikeLalage melaschistos
23White-browed Shrike-BabblerPteruthius aeralatus
24White-bellied ErpornisErpornis zantholeuca
 PASSERIFORMES: Rhipiduridae 
25White-throated FantailRhipidura albicollis
26Black DrongoDicrurus macrocercus
27Ashy DrongoDicrurus leucophaeus
28Long-tailed ShrikeLanius schach
29Red-billed Blue-MagpieUrocissa erythroryncha
30Common Green-MagpieCissa chinensis
31Ratchet-tailed TreepieTemnurus temnurus
 PASSERIFORMES: Stenostiridae 
32Gray-headed Canary-FlycatcherCulicicapa ceylonensis
33Japanese TitParus minor
 PASSERIFORMES: Cisticolidae 
34Common TailorbirdOrthotomus sutorius
 PASSERIFORMES: Hirundinidae 
35Dusky Crag-MartinPtyonoprogne concolor
 PASSERIFORMES: Pycnonotidae 
36Black-crested BulbulRubigula flaviventris
37Red-whiskered BulbulPycnonotus jocosus
38Sooty-headed BulbulPycnonotus aurigaster
39Black BulbulHypsipetes leucocephalus
 PASSERIFORMES: Phylloscopidae 
40Yellow-browed WarblerPhylloscopus inornatus
41Pallas’s Leaf WarblerPhylloscopus proregulus
42Gray-crowned WarblerPhylloscopus tephrocephalus
43Bianchi’s WarblerPhylloscopus valentini
44Two-barred WarblerPhylloscopus plumbeitarsus
 PASSERIFORMES: Scotocercidae 
45Asian StubtailUrosphena squameiceps
46Yellow-bellied WarblerAbroscopus superciliaris
47Mountain TailorbirdPhyllergates cucullatus
48Brownish-flanked Bush WarblerHorornis fortipes
49Short-tailed ParrotbillNeosuthora davidiana
 PASSERIFORMES: Zosteropidae 
50Indochinese YuhinaStaphida torqueola
51Black-chinned YuhinaYuhina nigrimenta
52Swinhoe’s White-eyeZosterops simplex
53Pin-striped Tit-BabblerMixornis gularis
54Golden BabblerCyanoderma chrysaeum
55Streak-breasted Scimitar-BabblerPomatorhinus ruficollis
56Spot-necked BabblerStachyris strialata
 PASSERIFORMES: Pellorneidae 
57Streaked Wren-BabblerGypsophila brevicaudata
 PASSERIFORMES: Leiothrichidae 
58Brown-cheeked FulvettaAlcippe poioicephala
59David’s FulvettaAlcippe davidi
60Silver-eared MesiaLeiothrix argentauris
61Gray LaughingthrushGarrulax maesi
62Common Hill MynaGracula religiosa
63Japanese ThrushTurdus cardis
 PASSERIFORMES: Muscicapidae 
64White-gorgeted FlycatcherAnthipes monileger
65White-tailed FlycatcherCyornis concretus
66Fujian NiltavaNiltava davidi
67Blue Whistling-ThrushMyophonus caeruleus
68Siberian RubythroatCalliope calliope
69White-tailed RobinMyiomela leucura
70Rufous-gorgeted FlycatcherFicedula strophiata
71Chestnut-bellied Rock-ThrushMonticola rufiventris
72Amur StonechatSaxicola stejnegeri
73Gray BushchatSaxicola ferreus
74Fire-breasted FlowerpeckerDicaeum ignipectus
 PASSERIFORMES: Nectariniidae 
75Black-throated SunbirdAethopyga saturata
76Crimson SunbirdAethopyga siparaja
77Fork-tailed SunbirdAethopyga christinae
 PASSERIFORMES: Chloropseidae 
78Blue-winged LeafbirdChloropsis cochinchinensis
79Eurasian Tree SparrowPasser montanus
 PASSERIFORMES: Motacillidae 
80Gray WagtailMotacilla cinerea
81Olive-backed PipitAnthus hodgsoni


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