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Species name


Species name


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XXX Climate

Cat Tien National Park enjoys a tropical savanna climate (with dry winter) in accordance with the Köppen-Geiger classification. The yearly average maximum temperature in Cat Tien National Park is 33°C (ranging from 31°C in September to 36°C in march). Annual rainfall is 3412mm, with a minimum of 18mm in February and a maximum of 578mm in august.

  • In the month of January, the climate is perfect. The temperature rises to 33°C and you can expect to have 33mm of rainfall/month during this period.
  • Between February and April, the climate is beautiful. the thermometer goes up to 35°C°C.
  • Between the months of may and November the climate is passable, but still OK. The record temperature this month is 35°C.
  • In the month of December, the climate is good. It is for example 32°C as the maximum temperature in December and you can expect to have 62mm of rainfall/per month during this period.

Monthly Averages

Historical monthly average weather conditions for Sapa


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