[2 Days] Trekking and Crocodile Lake in Cat Tien National Park – The best for Ecotour in Jungles

[2 Days] Trekking and Crocodile Lake in Cat Tien National Park – The best for Ecotour in Jungles

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Total Seats :  0/0
Duration :   2 Days
Start Location:   HCMc

Cat Tien Np. covers 71,350 Hectares (275 square miles) of lowland tropical forest and swamp in southern Viet Nam and is home to numerous birds and mammals especially this has only one crocodile species in Crocodile lake. It is approximately 160 km (100 miles) northeast of Ho Chi Minh City, from which it is accessible in 3-4 hours. One of Vietnam’s most important and largest National Parks, it is mostly situated at the northern edge of the Southeastern region but includes the southern edge of the Highlands.

There are many other mammals to see, including a number of primate species such as the endemic golden-cheeked gibbon, bears, elephants, and gaur. Many birds can be found, including such specialties as Germain’s peacock pheasant, bar-bellied pitta, and the rare Near-endemic orange-necked partridge.

The Park is varied and made up of seasonally flooding grassland and swamp forest. The wetland is bounded to the east, south, and west by dense humid evergreen forests with semi-evergreen and deciduous forests in the park itself. To date, more than 1,700 plant species have been recorded, in 170 botanical families.

The fauna of Cat Tien National Park includes 105 listed mammal species, 351 species of birds, >120 reptile and amphibian species, and >130 species of freshwater fish. The park supports nearly 460 species of butterflies and numerous other fascinating insects.

On 2 days of trekking and Crocodile lake, you mostly see the value of this forest.


Itinerary for Cat Tien National Park – 2 Days with Crocodile Lake.

Day 1: Ho Chi Minh – Nam Cat Tien

Morning: Our guide will be waiting for you at your hotel lobby then we’ll take about 3 hours by private car to reach Cat Tien, National Park

Mid-day arrival, cross the ferry at Dong Nai river to enter Cat Tien National park, which covers an area of 720 km² and protects one of the largest areas of lowland tropical rainforests left in Vietnam. Transfer to Cat Tien HQ, check-in.

14:30 Botanic Garden Trails circumnavigate an area where the Chau Ma minority people once had a settlement before being moved to Talai after the American war. The path cut through a couple of areas of relatively primary forest, with a wide range of tree species; in more open ground gingers are in flower during June – September. The path can be excellent for birds and mammals including primates.

19:45 Night Ride: A jeep car will take you through the forest to the grassland Nui Tuong, this is the opportunity to see the wildlife, the guide will use a spotlight to try and spot samba deer and wild boar feeding at night. There is always the chance to see: civets, fishing cats, loris, pangolins, gaur, and nocturnal birds.

Day 2: Cat Tien HQ – Crocodile lake – Ho Chi Minh

07:30 CROCODILE LAKE tour. You will be taken by a jeep car for 9 km then walk for 5 km. This walk gives you the good chance to see the primates and plenty of opportunities to see the wide variety of birds and other jungle life including primates. You will return in the early afternoon. Picnic lunch is provided for the tour.

Price per person for this 2 days tour which includes: An English-speaking tour guide and transport as indicated, including tickets, leech socks, and mineral water for the tour.


What's Included

  • Accommodations
  • Drinking water
  • Entrance fees
  • Expert guide
  • Jeeps
  • Meals
  • Private car
  • Travel insurance

What's Excluded

  • Other services not mentioned


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  • Trekking