[4 days] Butterfly & Insect Discovery Expedition in Dalat Plateau: Di Linh & Dalat

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Duration :   3 Days
Max People :    6
Why: The Dalat Plateau, with its unique highland climate and varied ecosystems, is a treasure trove for butterfly and insect enthusiasts. The combination of dense forests, flowering meadows, and freshwater habitats in Di Linh and Dalat provides a sanctuary for a myriad of butterfly species and other fascinating insects.
When: The optimal time for this expedition is during the transition between the dry and wet seasons, typically from April to July. This period sees a burst of floral activity, attracting a diverse range of butterflies and insects.
What: During the 4-day expedition, participants will:
Engage in guided treks across different habitats, with a keen focus on butterfly and insect hotspots.
Participate in night explorations to observe and document nocturnal insect species.
Attend interactive sessions to learn about the life cycles, behaviors, and conservation challenges of butterflies and insects in the region.
Document, photograph, and even sketch the diverse species encountered.
How:The expedition is structured as follows:
Day 1: Arrival in Di Linh & Introduction
Arrive in Di Linh.
Check-in at a local eco-lodge and lunch.
Introductory session on the region’s butterfly and insect diversity.
Guided trek exploring primary habitats in Sam Pass.
Dinner followed by a night walk to spot nocturnal insects.
Day 2: Deep Exploration in Di Linh
Breakfast at the eco-lodge.
Full-day exploration of Di Linh’s forests and meadows, documenting diverse butterfly and insect species.
Interactive workshop on butterfly identification and their ecological significance.
Recap of the day’s sightings and discussions.
Night exploration focusing on unique insect behaviors.
Day 3: Transition to Dalat & Exploration
Breakfast and departure for Dalat.
Arrive in Dalat and check-in at the hotel.
Explore local butterfly hotspots in Dalat, such as the Valley of Love and Tuyen Lam Lake.
Dinner in Dalat followed by a night walk in local gardens to observe nocturnal insects.
Day 4: Final Exploration in Dalat & Departure
Early morning trek in local forests.
Breakfast and a wrap-up session, discussing the species documented during the expedition.
Lunch and free time for last-minute exploration or relaxation.
Departure from Dalat.
Highlight Species in Dalat Plateau:
Dalat White (Pieris dalati)
Blue Admiral (Kaniska canace)
Common Palmfly (Elymnias hypermnestra)
Dalat Stick Insect (Ramulus dalatensis)
Highland Lantern Bug (Pyrops sultana)
Dalat Jewel Beetle (Sternocera aequisignata)
This expedition offers participants a deep dive into the entomological wonders of the Dalat Plateau. With a blend of hands-on exploration, educational insights, and the serene beauty of the highlands, this tour promises an unforgettable experience for all nature enthusiasts.

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  • Accommodations
  • Expert guide
  • Meals
  • Private car

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