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Discover enchanting Vietnam Kingfishers in the heart of Vietnam with our exclusive 10-day photography expedition. Vietnam is a treasure trove for bird enthusiasts, and this tour is tailored for those seeking to capture the vivid beauty of these stunning birds through their lenses.

Why Choose this photography tour?

Vietnam's rich biodiversity offers a unique opportunity to witness a diverse range of kingfisher species in their natural habitats. From the striking Collared Kingfisher to the elusive Blyth's Kingfisher, our tour is designed to maximize your chances of capturing these exquisite birds through your camera lens.

When to Join this photography tour

Our Vietnam Kingfisher Photography Tour is available year-round, allowing you to choose the best time for your bird photography adventure. The tour is especially rewarding during the dry season, from November to April, when the pleasant weather enhances your birdwatching and photography experience. However, even during the rainy season (June to October), you may have the opportunity to encounter additional species.

10 day itinerary for Vietnam Kingfishers photography tour

Day 1: Ho Chi Minh City
Arrival in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Day 2: Tram Chim National Park
Explore Tram Chim National Park.
Highlights include sightings of Collared Kingfisher, Pied Kingfisher, Stork-billed Kingfisher, Blue-eared Kingfisher, Common Kingfisher, and Black-capped Kingfisher.
Day 3: Tram Chim National Park
Continue your adventure in Tram Chim National Park.
Day 4: Can Gio Mangrove Forest
Visit the Can Gio Mangrove Forest.
Look out for White-throated Kingfisher and Collared Kingfisher.
Day 5: Ho Chi Minh - Cat Tien National Park
Travel to Cat Tien National Park.
Keep an eye out for the Black-backed Dwarf-Kingfisher and Banded Kingfisher.
Day 6: Cat Tien National Park
Spend the day exploring Cat Tien National Park.
Look for the Stork-billed Kingfisher, White-throated Kingfisher, and Banded Kingfisher.
Day 7: Cat Tien National Park
Continue your bird photography journey in Cat Tien National Park.
Day 8: Cat Tien - Dalat
Transfer to Dalat.
Seek out the elusive Blyth's Kingfisher.
Day 9: Dalat
Full day dedicated to photographing the Blyth's Kingfisher in the stunning surroundings of Dalat.
Day 10: Dalat - Flight Back Home
Your unforgettable 10-day Vietnam Kingfisher Photography Tour comes to an end as you depart from Dalat for your journey back home.
This specialized tour offers an exclusive opportunity to capture the beauty of various kingfisher species in Vietnam's diverse habitats.
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Your gateway to Dalat, Vietnam's ultimate bird photography destination, is here! Pack your bags, for this mesmerizing corner of the world is waiting for you to capture its incredible beauty through your lens. It's time to turn your aspirations into reality and embark on this unforgettable adventure!

Why Dalat for Bird Photography?

Dalat, nestled in Vietnam's Central Highland, around 300 km from Ho Chi Minh City, is a haven for bird photographers. Think of it as a picturesque backdrop where nature's finest avian wonders await your lens. This region is home to six endemic bird species, making it a truly unique birding paradise. Meet Dalat's Endemic Stars: Dalat has some true feathered gems, and you'll have the chance to capture them through your camera lens. Meet the stars of the show: Collared Laughingthrush, Orange-breasted Laughingthrush, Vietnamese Cutia, Grey-crowned Crocias, Black-crowned Fulvetta, Vietnamese Greenfinch, and more! These birds are like hidden treasures, found only in Dalat.

Target Bird Photography in Dalat Plateau

White-throated Rock Thrush, Rufous-browed Flycatcher, Green Cochoa, Snowy-browed Flycatcher, Little Pied Flycatcher, Blue-and-White Flycatcher, Mugimaki Flycatcher, Yellow-billed Nuthatch, Large Niltava, Lesser Shortwing, White-tailed Robin, Spotted Forktail, Yellow-cheeked Tit, Grey-crowned Tit, Grey-bellied Tesia, White-spectacled Warbler, Chestnut-crowned Warbler, White-cheeked Laughingthrush, Da Lat Shike-Babbler, Black-headed Parrotbill. Download potential bird list of Dalat Plateau - Updated 09/2023 Source: Ebird Our Picture-Perfect Locations: Get ready to explore iconic bird photography hotspots like Datala Waterfall, Ta Nung Valley, and Bidoup-Nui Ba National Park. These places are teeming with Dalat's endemic birds, giving you plenty of opportunities to create incredible memories.


Day 1 (L D): Arrival in Dalat

Welcome to Dalat! We'll pick you up either from your hotel in Dalat or Lien Khuong Airport. For those coming from Saigon, we offer a comfortable 7-hour drive to Dalat to kickstart your bird photography adventure. Day 2 (B L D): Full Day of Bird Photography Prepare for a full-day immersion in capturing the stunning birdlife of Dalat, where your camera becomes your trusted companion. Day 3 (B L D): More Feathery Subjects to Capture Get ready for another exciting day filled with bird photography. These endemic birds won't wait, so make sure your camera's ready! Day 4 (B L D): Final Bird Photography Session Your bird photography journey concludes with one last morning session. Or, if you're up for it, go for a full-day adventure and make the most of your time in Dalat. This is the price list for groups:
Group size 1 2 3 4 5 6 to 10
USD/Pax 1100 950 900 850 800 700
Single supplement: $195

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Cat Tien national park (Nam Cat Tien) is one of the most intact lowland forest avifaunas in Vietnam and there is home for 3 kinds of Pitta: Bar-billed, Blue-rumped, and Blue-winged Pitta who are the most attractive to keen photographers.
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Join us on an 8-day Bird Photography Tour, journey through the heart of Vietnam’s most renowned birding destinations – Cat Tien National Park and Dalat. This tour is tailor-made for passionate birders and bird photographers, offering you the opportunity to capture some of the region’s most exquisite avian species.

Why Choose Our Bird Photography Tour

Cat Tien and Dalat are two of the most celebrated birding sites in Vietnam, and for good reason. These locations cover more than 50% of target species for first time come to Vietnam. Cat Tien National Park: Nestled in the South Annam region, Cat Tien is a mere 150 km from Saigon. It boasts one of the most pristine lowland forest avifaunas in Vietnam. Here, you can spot three captivating species of Pitta: Bar-billed, Blue-rumped, and Blue-winged Pitta, making it a paradise for avid photographers. Dalat: Located 150 km from Cat Tien, Dalat’s EBAs (Endemic Bird Areas) feature natural evergreen and coniferous forests. These forests are home to six endemic bird species and several unique subspecies, offering a diverse range of photographic opportunities.

The target for the Bird photography tour at Cat Tien national park & Dalat

Cat Tien national park  Bar-billed Pitta; Blue-rumped Pitta; Germain’s Peacock; Siamese Fireback; Black and Red, Banded, Dusky Broadbill; Orange-breasted Trogon; Banded Kingfisher and MORE Learn more about Cat Tien Bird List HERE Dalat plateau Orange-breasted Laughingthrush; Collared Laughingthrush; Green Cochoa; Grey-crowned Crocias; Dalat Shike-babbler;  Black-headed Parrotbill; Vietnamese Cutia; Vietnamese Greenfinch; White-throated Rock Thrush; Rufous-browed Flycatcher; Snowy-browed Flycatcher; Little Pied Flycatcher; Blue-and-White Flycatcher; Mugimaki Flycatcher; Yellow-billed Nuthatch; Large Niltava; Lesser Shortwing; White-tailed Robin; Spotted Forktail; Yellow-cheeked Tit; Grey-crowned Tit; Grey-bellied Tesia; White-spectacled Warbler; Chestnut-crowned Warbler; White-cheeked Laughingthrush; Black-crowned Fulvetta. An Itinerary: 8 days ofbird photography tours in Cat Tien national park & Dalat Day 1 (L D) : Arrival in Ho Chi Minh City – Cat Tien National Park Pickup from your hotel or the airport in Ho Chi Minh City A 3.5-hour drive to Cat Tien National Park Bird photography in Cat Tien National Park Day 2 (B L D) : Cat Tien National Park Full-day bird photography in Cat Tien National Park Day 3 (B L D) : Cat Tien National Park Another full day of bird photography in Cat Tien National Park Day 4 (B L D) : Cat Tien – Di Linh Morning bird photography in Cat Tien National Park Afternoon travel to Di Linh for more bird photography Day 5 (B L D) : Di Linh – Dalat Morning bird photography in Di Linh Around 2-hour drive to Dalat for bird photography tours Day 6 (B L D) : Dalat Full-day bird photography tour in Dalat Day 7 (B L D) : Dalat Another full day of bird photography in Dalat Day 8 (B L) : Dalat – Ho Chi Minh City Morning bird photography in Dalat Return to Ho Chi Minh City for your flight or hotel stay This is the price list for groups:
Group size 1 2 3 4 5 6 to 10
USD/Pax 2400 1760 1680 1520 1360 1200
Single supplement: $245 Including accommodation, bird guide, private car with driver, meals and entrance fee, jeeps, and bird hide.
6 Days
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Join our [6 Days] Vietnam Pittas Photography Tour for a unique opportunity to capture breathtaking images of elusive Pittas and other exotic bird species. Vietnam is renowned for its rich birdlife, and this tour takes you to prime locations, maximizing your chances of photographing these beautiful birds in their natural habitat. Led by expert guides, this tour is tailored for photography enthusiasts looking to enhance their portfolio with stunning avian shots. Our Vietnam Pittas Photography Tour is available year-round. However, the best time for bird photography in Vietnam is during the dry season from November to April. The pleasant weather during these months ensures optimal conditions for birdwatching and photography. This tour design to get: Bar-bellied, Blue-rumped, Rusty-napped and Blue Pitta in dry season, if we do this tour during raining season (Jun-Otc) can get a bonus for Blue-winged & Fairry Pitta, Hooded Pitta.

The itinerary for 6 days Vietnam Pittas photography tour

Day 1: Ho Chi Minh - Cat Tien National Park Your bird photography journey begins as we pick you up from Tan Son Nhat Airport. We'll drive to Cat Tien National Park, a renowned birding paradise. In the afternoon, your lens will be focused on capturing the elusive Bar-bellied and Blue-rumped Pittas. Prepare for an overnight stay at Cat Tien HQ National Park. Day 2: Cat Tien Cat Tien National Park Spend the entire day dedicated to photographing the Bar-bellied and Blue-rumped Pittas. Keep an eye out for other Pheasants and bird species that might share the habitat with these stunning Pittas. Day 3: Cat Tien Cat Tien National Park - Di Linh Start your day with a brief morning session focused on Pittas. Afterward, we'll set out for Di Linh, where you'll have the chance to capture the striking Blue Pitta and other sub-endemic species with captivating colors. Day 4: Di Linh - Dalat Your morning will be dedicated to photographing the Blue Pitta. Later, revisit the Blue-rumped Pitta with a different perspective. In the afternoon, we'll head to Dalat, where you'll have the opportunity to photograph the Rusty-napped Pitta. Day 5: Dalat Delve into a full day of bird photography, with your primary targets being the Rusty-napped and Blue Pittas. Day 6: Dalat - Lien Khuong Airport Maximize your final morning in Dalat, capturing last-minute shots of the enchanting Pittas. In the afternoon, we'll take you to Lien Khuong Airport for your journey home. Please contact us directly for pricing details, as they may vary based on group size, specific requests, and additional services.
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